Comiskey Bazadais Beef is a family run enterprise owned and operated by Geoff & Sonya Comiskey.

We're located at "Old Mount Stuart" in the Central Highlands of Queensland, Australia.  We run a commercial herd of breeders and are focussed on a cross breeding program incorporating superior French Bazadais genetics.  Additionally, we operate a Bazadais cattle stud breeding for ourselves, fellow commercial cattle producers and the stud market.

We're proud to be Central Queensland cattle producers working to manage our herd and the property sustainably and responsibly with an emphasis on animal welfare and pasture management.  We consistently turn off  commercial cattle that rank better than national average in the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading index.

In 2015 we made our first foray into the world of carcass competitions.  Our first competition was the ANZ National Beef Carcase Competition at 2015 Beef Australia in Rockhampton.  We were thrilled to finish 5th in Class 6 Grain Fed Export Bullocks {300kg – 420kg} with a Bazadais cross bred bullock.  This particularly competition saw a record number of over 1,000 head entered.  

Queensland's Royal Show (or the "Ekka" as it's commonly known) was also a happy hunting ground with our entries in the prestigious "Paddock to Palate" competition.  The grain fed competition was wonderfully facilitated by Mort & Co's "Grassdale" Feedlot located near Dalby.  In our inaugural competition in 2015, we were elated to be awarded "Reserve Champion Carcass" in Class 37 {100 day Grain  Fed} Carcass with another Bazadais cross bred.

In 2016 we were pleased to have bettered those exciting results, being awarded "Champion Carcass" in Class 38 {70 day Grain Fed} Carcass with an F2 Bazadais steer and 2nd in the Pen of 6 {70 day Grain Fed} steers.  

2017 saw us top those results, being awarded 1st place in the Class 37 {100 day Grain Fed} Carcass Pen of 6 steers with F2 Bazadais cross breds.   We were very satisfied with this achievement showing a consistent line of superior quality cross bred cattle from a large field of entries, arguably representing the best beef producers in Australia.