We will have bulls available for sale from January 2019 onwards.  All of our full blood, pure bred and cross bred bulls are semen tested, DNA Parent Verified and have had 7-in-1, Pesti & Vibrio vaccinations.  The majority of animals will carry registration with the Australian Bazadais Cattle Society.  Give Geoff a call on mobile 0427 364554 or email or drop us a line on Facebook to let us know what you're after so you can get in first. 

We do have a few older bulls that are well used which we'd consider selling now to make room for the younger bulls, particularly as paddock conditions remain fairly dry. This might be a good option for a smaller producer or someone wanting to dip their toe in the water with Bazadais cross breeding to have a try.  We also have semen available for purchase.   Contact Geoff to discuss what the available options are to suit your operations.