Goldy le poll

This is "Goldy Le Poll".

Goldy Le Poll

He is a 3rd cross Bazadais bull out of a 2nd cross homozygous poll cow. 

Dam of Goldy Le Poll, shown as a young heifer with her dam.

His sire, Folkslee Herald, is a purebred homozygous bull (5th cross).  In fact, Herald is the first homozygous polled bull in the world.

Folkslee Herald (PP) F5 

Champion Bazadais Exhibit, 2015 Royal Queensland Show

In my experience, I have observed that crossbred animals with an ear structure like young Goldy here, generally have a quieter temperament than their peers.  This young bull has an excellent sheath structure and an all-around softeness that is exactly the kind of bull we look for in our cross breeding operation.    He will pass on both the carcase yield and eating quality characteristics which drive the bottom line in commercial beef production.  

Cross bred bulls like Goldy, when crossed with our full blood Bazadais cows, will give our cattle more hardiness, improved fat coverage and develop the infusion of stronger polled genetics in our herd.

Geoff Comiskey, July 2017